About the Cause

The National Mall is our nation’s sacred common ground. Its monuments celebrate our shared values and shared history. Together, they tell the story of America.

Bordered by the U.S. Capitol, the White House and 10 Smithsonian Institution Museums in the heart of America’s capitol city, the National Mall is where the American story lives.

The Washington Monument serves as a global beacon for democracy. The Lincoln Memorial is an iconic symbol for diversity and unity. The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial powerfully reminds us of the very human cost of war. And for decades, the weary Mall grounds have served as a national stage for the turning point demonstrations and jubilant celebrations that have defined what it means to be American.

Unfortunately, it has been nearly 40 years since the National Mall’s last major renovation. With more visits each year than Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks combined, the National Mall has been loved to death. The National Park Service simply cannot keep up with the volume of use given continuing budget reductions.

The Trust for the National Mall’s Landmark Campaign for National Mall was created to raise funds and awareness to restore the National Mall. But we need your help. By creating your own virtual monument and sharing your story, you can remind your fellow Americans about the history, heroes and hope found within the National Mall. You can make your mark to help preserve the National Mall for future generations.

You also can make your mark by donating directly to the Landmark Campaign for the National Mall. Your donation will help us raise funds and awareness to restore and improve the National Mall so it can once more stand as a world-class park befitting this great nation. Making your mark will help educate and inspire future stewards of this iconic space.

We invite everyone to share their story, create their own virtual monument and together, celebrate all that unites us as Americans.

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