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Shonda Rhimes

Liberator of minds, mover of hearts, propagator of change

It's the greatest of understatements to say that Shonda changed my life; far more important is the truth that she's changed untold lives.Because she moves folks who have traditionally been marginalized to the very center of the narrative, she's literally changed the face of television - allowing everyone, no matter their race, creed, color, or sexual orientation to see themselves represented in a messy, honest, complicated, deeply human way. Because she never walks away from the difficult conversation that's on everyone's mind: she charges straight for its heart & takes the world with her on a roller coaster ride of perspectives, each given its full, fair moment in the sun -and by doing so, she offers us a vision of a better world which is then ours for the making. Because besides managing to move collective hearts and minds, she also manages to be an utterly devoted mother, daughter, sister, boss, and friend.The world is better because of the way she lives her life. And I honor her here to remind us all that by using our voices- we can change the world.

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